1WorldSync Product Spotlight: New AI-Powered Tools, Content Audit Enhancements and an Updated Look in Item Management

November 20, 2023

1WorldSync Product Spotlight: New AI-Powered Tools, Content Audit Enhancements and an Updated Look in Item Management

Enhance your content creation with AI-powered tools, optimize your audit reports, and enjoy a new look in Item Management.


With our November release, we want to highlight some of the latest and greatest happening across 1WorldSync’s platform. Behind every change is our commitment to helping users be more efficient in their roles and to enable accelerated sales growth.

In the world of product content, consistency and transparency are at the core of delivering content that increases conversions. In fact, a
recent survey of over 1,500 shoppers discovered that 84% of shoppers value product content over brand recognition when shopping online.

These updates help users streamline their processes, get real-time feedback on their content, and shorten their time to create and syndicate content that increases engagement and conversions.


Automate your content creation with Generative AI-powered tools.



We’re excited to see Gen AI being used as a tool to help our users do things faster and with much less stress. Here are a few tools you can take advantage of when creating new product content:

  • NFP Generator: Need nutritionals populated, and fast? Our Nutritional Fact Panel (NFP) Generator, uses AI’s OCR (optical character recognition) and machine learning to instantly generate your NFPs, giving you a quick turnaround time to populate your product content straight from your packaging.
  • Writing Assistant: This AI tool helps you write SEO-driven, marketing product descriptions for your products. This will save you time and energy to focus on other aspects of your business.
  • Hero Image Creator: Need additional imagery for your image carousel? Our damn errr… DAM (Digital Asset Management) tool now has an AI hero image generator that takes your product images and adds graphics to highlight certain aspects of your product better. 


Increase your productivity with new Item Management and Retail E-Commerce Analytics functionalities.



The core solution of the 1WorldSync platform, Item Management has seen a lot of changes over the last few years. We’re thrilled to share a new look and feel that ties to the 1WorldSync branding, as well as highlight some new capabilities and enhancements over the last few months:

  • Load Sheet: If you’re an enterprise in need of auditing tools, the FUSE load sheet allows you to import and export your content quickly and effectively. Recent changes have sped up the process for a smoother export experience, no matter the size!
  • Item History: Whether you have 1 SKU or 10,000 recent enhancements to Item History, you can see all historical events since item creation. This is especially helpful for reviewing your item status.
  • 90-Day Audit Trail: Have multiple end-users operating in Item Management? Our 90-day audit trail records who has made content changes or how (e.g. FUSE Load Sheet, API).

Retail E-Commerce Analytics – Sell with retailers like Walmart or Target? Now you can get price and keyword insights on your products and (wait for it…) your competitors! Additionally, with Product Content Match you can easily identify content discrepancies between Item Management and your trading partners.


Save time with enhancements across our platform.



Digital Catalog – Whether you need insight on how your sales team or service desk is leveraging your product collateral, enjoy real-time data that easily displays asset performance. Additionally, to save time for repetitive tasks take advantage of the following:

  • Template Creator – No more starting from scratch! DC’s template creator allows you to create and save unlimited templates to refine the attributes displayed per audience, generating future sales assets even quicker! (Your sales teams are going to LOVE this!)
  • Auto-Populated Lists – Providing real-time PDPs to your sales teams, trading partners and website is no small task (to put it mildly). Now, you can feed your item lists, hands-free! Simply set rules like product category, brand name, or any combinations of our filters and you’re set.

Rich Content – With 89% of shoppers visiting multiple sites before making an online purchase, you want to make your PDP count with rich, engaging content.

  • Drag & Drop Content Builder – Gamechanger. With a modernized drag and drop builder, you can quickly create and edit your below-the-fold pieces in no time! Grab from a webpage, desktop or shared drive with ease.
  • Amazon Import – Have great A+ content on Amazon? You’re just clicks away from managing this directly in 1WorldSync’s Rich Content Builder. Now you can view in Digital Catalog, Item Management, PIM and sync updates to Amazon and your other trading partners. 


Expand your reach with updated open-source catalogs and API connectors.

  • Content1: 1WorldSync’s marketplace catalog now has over 2 million (you read that correctly: MILLION) products that can be viewed by approved retailers, trading partner agencies, bodegas and more.
  • New Read API: The ability to include or exclude attributes in a fetch call is now right at your fingertips! Retailers (and now suppliers) can view an increased amount of supplier-published items and additional attributes more quickly and efficiently. 


Upcoming – API pilots with strategic retailers

As 1WorldSync continues to lead the way in product content orchestration between brands and retailers, we are excited to share that we are performing API pilots with strategic retailers that will enhance the experience for both sides of the product content syndication relationship.



ICYMI – PowerReviews is now part of 1WorldSync

“Adding PowerReviews to our suite of technology and solutions makes 1WorldSync the only provider that can help brands and retailers orchestrate all areas of the content you see on an online product detail page (PDP),” said Steve Sivitter, CEO of 1WorldSync. “User-generated content, whether ratings and reviews, Q&A, images or videos are critical to the e-commerce shopping and buying experience.”

PowerReviews enables organizations, such as Post Consumer Brands, L’Oreal, Albertsons Companies, Target, and Walmart to generate better-quality customer product ratings and reviews in larger volumes and then analyze and benchmark the data to optimize their UGC programs for conversion, while improving product quality and customer experience.