Antitrust Statement

1WorldSync Antitrust Compliance Policy

The fundamental purpose of 1WorldSync is to provide product data management and data synchronization solutions and services based on GS1 Standards. In certain instances, 1WorldSync may assemble a representative cross-section of its users and supply chain leaders to work closely with 1WorldSync in the development and voluntary individual company adoption and implementation of GS1 Standards, or user-driven business processes and requirements, to improve data exchange efficiencies and complexities, improve product information quality, and support the development of product data management systems of the future (“1WorldSync Community Activities”) 1WorldSync Community Activities are intended to improve competition and facilitate competitive practices. Adherence to this Antitrust Compliance Policy will facilitate that purpose.

It is the policy and practice of 1WorldSync to conduct all of its meetings and activities in strict compliance with applicable federal and state laws. Because participants 1WorldSync Community Activities are often competitors, it is particularly important to comply fully with federal and state antitrust laws. These laws seek to preserve and promote competition and to deter anticompetitive conduct.

Participants in 1WorldSync Community Activities are committed both to strict compliance with the antitrust laws and to the avoidance of any appearance of improper or anticompetitive conduct. Counsel for 1WorldSync will: review agendas, key action items, handouts, and slide presentations in advance of all Committee Activities; review meeting minutes in advance of distribution; and be present, as requested, to monitor meetings that might give rise to competitive concerns. Individual companies are strongly urged to consult with their own counsel for legal advice concerning documents a company wishes to disseminate, presentations made by company officials, and other pertinent issues.

Violations of the antitrust laws can result in serious penalties for both companies and individuals. These penalties include treble damage awards, heavy fines, and injunctions. Individuals may be subject to imprisonment. It is, therefore, incumbent upon everyone participating in 1WorldSync Community activities to avoid subject areas and discussions which might be construed as anticompetitive.

Participants in 1WorldSync Community Activities or anyone making presentations should read and abide by the following rules:

  • There should be no discussion of prices, one’s own or those of a competitor, or of any factors which might affect prices such as discounts or margins, and terms and conditions of sale.
  • There should be no discussion of profits, profit margins or cost data of one’s own, or those of a competitor.
  • There should be no discussion that might lead to any agreement to raise, lower or hold present or future price levels.
  • There should be no discussions regarding allocation of territories, markets, or customers.
  • There should be no discussions regarding restrictions upon production, boycotts or refusals to deal.
  • There should be no discussions regarding selection, rejection, or termination of customers or suppliers.
  • There should be no discussion or conduct at social events incidental to meetings that would not be proper at the meetings themselves.
  • All discussions during meetings must be limited to agenda items that counsel has reviewed and approved.

If a subject with any anti-competitive implication or appearance is raised at any meeting, persons attending the meeting should object and request that the subject be dropped.

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