Groups & Organisations

These are some of the main groups involved in saving our water. There are many more but these will be enough to get you started. They are all volunteer and community based organisations. Some are smaller groups which are sub groups of a larger national organisation like Lock The Gate Alliance. You are free to join up or to look at what they do and how they operate. You don’t have to “join” any group, you can simply help one group or another or all of them just by being there, or you can do your own thing if you have an initiative.

Many people’s first initiative is to come back home and rally the troops, talking to their social network, their club, their friends and family. You could call some numbers you got at the vigil for locals already involved and meet to discuss what you can do.

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Groundswell Gloucester

Manning Clean Water Action Group (MCWAG)

Lock The Gate Alliance (Hunter Region)

Gloucester Protection Camp

Save Gloucester

Downstream Knitting Nannas of the Mid North Coast

The Local Chapter of The Knitting Nannas is called the Downstream knitting Nannas of the Mid North Coast. Their mantra is: “We peacefully & productively protest against the destruction of our land and water by exploration and mining of Coal Seam Gas & other non-renewable energy.” The link to their Facebook page is below. If you don’t use Facebook, you can meet them in Gloucester, usually at The Vigil, and you can make contacts with ladies and especially those on Forster Tuncurry. You don’t have to be able to knit or even be a nanna.

Car pool to Gloucester

We have a Facebook page dedicated to car pooling. You can offer a lift to others going along to Gloucester OR find a lift with likeminded people.


Many of the groups and organisations on this page use Facebook to stay in touch online.

Do you have Facebook account? No? It’s very easy to set up and a very useful tool to keep in contact with what is going on a day to day basis. You can also share your story or pictures and send along information to the group. Just go to and sign up. You can choose to keep your Facebook profile private and only share with specific friends.